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Friday, November 29, 2013

Mr Gecko

Early in the term Room 1 had a visit from a gecko. We believe he was a common brown species. We learned about how to look after small animals in our classroom and about vertibrates and invertibrates. Thank-you for the visit Mr Gecko.

Mr Gecko.
Mr Gecko was silky brown. He had mini eyes. He was very small and did not have all of his tail.He darted across the container like a speeding bullet. Then he hid in the wood shavings.
After a morning in Room 1 we put him in the compost. We hope he made a new home.

The Day I Met a Gecko.
The gecko looks like bark it even looks skinny, like a stick. The gecko is slimey and smooth. It looks camouflaged. Geckos have small eyes.
The gecko can be shy and scared so it will run away. THe gecko likes disguisting and gross stuff. The gecko hides in the dark so he finds dark places.
Geckos might live in the compost or the garden where it is dry and shady.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Room 1 have been writing paragraphs about Spiders.

Where Spiders Live. 

Spiders live world-wide. They do not live in the South Pole. Some spiders live in the forest, grassland, water, caves even the desert. Some can be found in trees, even in houses. Raft spiders are found in wet habitats. They come to eat their prey. Their enemies are bugs, ants and insects.

By Esther.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini Beast Communities

What lives here?
Why is this place important?
Room 1 are finding out about some creatures that live right here in places around the school.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Room 1's Inquiry Sharing.

Here are some photos of Room 1's contribution to the very exciting Inquiry Sharing afternoon at the end of Term 3. Many students completed their first inquiry presentation and all were able to show off their learning about Toys and Pastimes; Past, Present and Future.

We started the unit with ideas about what we did for fun in the holidays.

One of the books that helped provide ideas and motivation to learn about all those interesting pastimes.
A collection of the latest writing that Room 1 have published.

 Room 1 read Charlottes Web and produced a stick puppet show of the characters and setting.
 Zach and Cj's America's Cup project.


 Kyra worked hard to produce this project about gymnastics.

 Sebastian kept us all informed about popular string games around the world.
 Aimee and Te Arahi's project about skipping was very well researched.
 Ripeka and Te Aroha put together a stunning jewellery box to display their presentation about jewellery.
 We also had a slide show of the lantern-making process.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lantern Making

With the recent Whangarei Festival of Light and Art (FOLA) on at The Quarry Arts Centre, Rust Ave, the children from Rooms 1 and 2 created their own lanterns.
The process involved careful work with plenty of patience and cooperation. Both classes worked together and as you can see from the photos the children worked well in creating lanterns using the materials on hand.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Roll n Draw

Ms Higgins enjoys creating activities which encourage students to work and communicate well together. This group activity, Roll'n Draw was a result of watching how a student went about starting an oral language activity about drawing as a group. He began with a simple curve and Ms H thought "how effective". The idea is to have a number of simple shapes on a dice. These are starting shapes. Each group has a different leader each time and they start the drawing using this shape. Group members take turns or draw all at once. They decide together what the drawing is about. After only 10 minutes the groups share and comment on how they helped each other and shared ideas to get the drawing they have. Come back to check out the results in a future post. Meanwhile here are photos showing the fantastic sharing going on with the group members.
The 'All Blacks' collaborate on their masterpiece.
The 'Princesses' work on their creation.

The Importance of a Name.

 Room 1 had a special visitor this term, whaea Natasha, who helped us pronounce Maori words correctly. We played games and sang songs and had a really good time. Everyone completed a special display about our name for the classroom wall.